Jazz in Schools

JAG is in schools, making a significant impact on thousands of people each year through assembly performances and residencies, professional development for educators, and arts integrated projects. Jazz offers a fresh approach to creating and thinking and can serve as a vehicle for learning and processing information. Our musicians interact with audiences and our programs provide a balance of knowledge, conceptual understanding and skill development.

  • We teach past the auditorium and into the classroom.
  • We teach past the technical aspects and into the spaces for creativity.
  • We teach past the group and into development of the individual.
  • We encourage listening. We encourage creativity and curiosity.
  • We bolster higher level thinking at every grade level.

In-School Assembly:

Big Band Curriculum and Field Trip:

Residency Choices:

Professional Development

Arts Integration Projects:

Archival Programs:


“I can’t decide whether I’m more touched by the creativity and progress made by the students, the curious involvement of the teachers or the passionate interaction of the musicians. Jazz in Schools crafts win-win-win programs.”

Judy Shafer
Director of Education – Jazz in Schools
Jazz Arts Group