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    Jazz Arts Group

    Administrative Offices

    769 E Long Street, 4th Floor,
    Columbus, Ohio 43203


    Jazz Arts Group Staff

    Press Southworth III
    Chief Executive Officer
    614.294.5200 x 102

    Byron Stripling
    Columbus Jazz Orchestra Artistic Director

    Mary Manos
    Jazz Academy Coordinator
    614.294.5200 x 108

    Alexa Brennan
    Education and Outreach Coordinator
    614.294.5200 x 106

    Alex Burgoyne
    Columbus Jazz Orchestra Librarian
    614.294.5200 x 105

    Zach Compston
    Director of Education & Community Engagement
    614.294.5200 x 107

    Kristina Cohn
    Office Administrator & Database Specialist
    614.294.5200 x 101

    Louis Tsamous
    Director of Affiliate Musicians
    614.294.5200 x 104

    Terence Womble
    Director of Marketing & Communications
    614.294.5200 x 103