Professional Development Workshops

pro-developmentJazz is what the band is doin’ and there is a lot going on inside this music!

When you go to hear a jazz group play, you’re witnessing the creative process of a group of individuals who feed each other ideas and feelings.  The group works as a whole to inspire its members to explore their own voice while also supporting the other opinions within the group.  It’s a democratic process – cooperative learning at its finest – the crossroads of creativity and curiosity.

Jazz in Schools is active in providing professional development workshops for teams of teachers, teaching staffs and individual teacher training.  We work with arts and classroom teachers, college music education majors and school administrators.

Engaging teachers in the creative process gives them a fresh approach to the delivery methods used to meet the academic mandates of their teaching.

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This workshop is delivered to college music education majors. During the workshop, students are given the tools to include jazz in the music curriculum (K-12) and are encouraged to value jazz as a vehicle to interact with their school’s general student body and staff.

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