Music Listening Study

Jazz Audiences InitiativeThis exploratory study, conducted by Dr. Joe Heimlich, OSU Extension, began with the intention of learning how people label different forms of music, the language they use to describe different music, and how they discuss what they hear. We were hoping to identify common language that could inform the market segmentation study process.

Forty-seven people participated in the survey ranging in age from 23 to 72. Individual 45-minute interviews began with questions about the person’s interest in music and prior musical experience or training. The person then listened to several 90-second cuts of different types of music, out of a possible 63 cuts representing a variety of musical genres.

Click here for the Music Listening Study final report.

Click here for a table of all cuts and artists used for the Music Listening Study.

A public webinar was held on January 28, 2011, hosted by Jerry Yoshitomi and Dr. Heimlich, to allow interested partners to share reactions to the data and ask clarifying questions (download presentation to the right).