JAI Convening & Key Findings

Jazz Audiences InitiativeThe Jazz Arts Group, with support from The Columbus Foundation, convened the national research and dissemination partners from the Jazz Audiences Initiative (JAI), as well as additional leaders from the field of jazz in Columbus, Ohio on August 11 & 12, 2011. This convening was scheduled at a critical point in the project’s timeline – the pivotal point between collecting data and information, and determining implications of the data. The goals of the convening were to:

  1. illuminate and explore the implications of the key research findings for future policy and practical applications;
  2. identify three to five key focus areas with future recommendations; and
  3. create real-time applications for the use of the Jazz Audiences Initiative Listening Study, Literature Review, Ticket Buyer Segmentation and Prospect Segmentation research.

The JAI project team was most interested in learning how participants would prioritize the findings. We also wanted to capture their ideas for ways to put the data into practice, with the ultimate outcome focused on regenerating the audience base for jazz and strengthening the field.

This document is a summary of the seven key JAI findings.
Click here for the full summary of the national convening.

A public webinar was held on 10/21/11, hosted by Alan Brown, Rebecca Ratzkin and Jerry Yoshitomi, to share the key topics from the convening (download presentation to the right).